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When it comes to accessories, Swiss Watch Manufacturer wristwatches are very versatile items that can offer both functionality and aesthetics to whoever wears them. In addition, it is possible to find a wide variety of styles with different materials and designs. These last two are elements that are a determining part of the quality and durability of a watch.

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The watches that are considered luxury are usually those that are made with fine materials, which have elegant and very characteristic designs. In addition, they commonly belong to highly prestigious brands in the market.

With all this that we have mentioned about luxury wristwatches, it is normal for you to think that you must have a large budget to be able to acquire one. But right here, you will be able to see a list of the best 5 luxury watches, which do not exceed 5,000 euros in their sale price. This is a very good option if you want to own a high-quality watch or give a luxurious detail to an important person, without having to incur a very significant expense.

Tag Heuer is a brand of Swiss origin that is added to this list with its Carrera CV201AK.FT6040 watch. It is a complete tool for your wrist, which has an unparalleled style and offers the resistance you need in any situation. With this watch you can measure specific periods of time, thanks to its versatile and precise chronograph. This is made up of two special meters, one to time short periods of time, where you can measure up to 30 minutes, and one for longer periods, in which you can measure up to 12 hours.

With a polished stainless steel case and super resistant black rubber strap, this black face watch is a great option that you can buy for less than 5,000 euros. If you decide to make an investment of 3,650 euros, you can count on a precision piece with a Swiss automatic movement, which turns out to be extremely functional and elegant; which will combine perfectly with your clothing on practically any occasion.

If we talk about elegance and quality in watches, the Montblanc brand is one of the main references in the world. The Montblanc 105962 wristwatch has a classic style, with a polished stainless steel strap that holds the black face piece. It features Arabic numerals and radiated luminescent hands. In addition, it has a window at the bottom to display the date. It is covered and protected by a highly scratch-resistant domed sapphire crystal, which also has an anti-reflective coating, ideal for keeping track of time in such a sophisticated and elegant watch. The cost of this Montblanc watch is around 2,700 euros. For this price you will get a timepiece that is powered by a Swiss-quality automatic movement and is water resistant up to 3 meters deep. Custom Watch Manufacturer has abundant experience in manufacturing many kinds of watches. Luxury Watch Suppliers is the Key point for good wholesale business relations.