How ISO 14001 implementation in Ukraine helps wastewater treatment

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IN ISO 14001 Certification in Ukraine, many organizations are using large amounts of water for their industrial processes which causes a large amount of water is getting wasted. They are made legal by law to decontaminate the effluent to an acceptable level in spite to discharge. This was achieved by carrying out one or many several wastewater treatment processes. What does ISO 14001 have to do with any of these things? The answer can be made in one phrase: policy commitments.


Importance of policy in wastewater treatment

According to the Clause 5.2 of ISO 14001 Services in Ukraine requires top management to interact in place an environmental policy that is based on the company’s purpose, and that will address the environmental impacts that may result from their usual activities. As we take the main example, we will consider Company A, which will operate a vehicle for the maintenance purpose. Their wastewater that contains solid matter, greases and oils. Among them, their key environmental impacts are soil pollution and groundwater from pollutants from entering waterways and stormwater drains due to the leakages of oils, detergents, and solvents. The policy must also include three specific commitments that will apply to all companies implementing ISO 14001.


First and foremost, they must identify and make sure they meet compliance obligations, which include all applicable legal requirements as well as any relevant needs and expectations of relevant interested parties. For Company A, this means collecting their wastewater in a sump before treatment in an onsite effluent treatment plant which was designed to remove pollutants and contaminants before release to the municipal sewer. Secondly, they must commit to protecting the environment by preventing pollution and contaminants and make sure other specific commitments are sent by the nature of their environmental impacts. The final commitment is to make sure the continuous improvement for the environmental performance.


The law comes first

IN ISO 14001 Implementation in Ukraine, the requirement to comply with applicable legal requirements when it comes to wastewater will apply to all the companies, whether they are ISO 14001. This is the priority to avoid the threat of fines, prosecution, or even loss of their operating license. There is a major difference in that for those implementing ISO 14001 Consultant in Ukraine, complying with legislation is the absolute minimum. So, other voluntary actions will be taken based on the need to protect the environment, and to improve on previous performance, and to take into consideration interested parties needs and expectations.


How an effluent treatment plant must comply with legal requirements

In ISO 14001 Registration in Ukraine, there is an effluent treatment plant that removes suspended solid matter and floating oils from the wastewater. This will be remaining emulsified oil is erased by the chemical treatment using hydrochloric acid and aluminum sulfate. As we see Lime is added to balance the wastewater in spite to discharge to the municipal sewer.



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