What is STARTUP REGISTRATION in Indiranagar

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Start-up Registration: Start-up Registrations in Indiranagar is a useful term in the modern era to make up the environment of business in a very wonderful way. It is the term or scheme that is used under DPIIT which has been initiated by our government of India which is in opinions with the Make in India Concept which altogether aims to help and support the businessmen and creates the opportunity worldwide via the Start-up portal.


This portal which will benefit us in many ways where we need to fill up the application online due to which start-up can take a number of benefits and services provided by the government to do the business in their many ways. The scheme aims in which encouraging unique and innovative start-ups in the country.


Start-up Business Consultants in Indiranagar which has Benefits Under Start-up Recognition


Tax exemption- We can take the tax exemption on investment and capital growth above the fair market value;

Earnest Money Deposit- We can take the exemption from the requirement of early money deposit in government tenders;

Exemption on Income tax- Income tax exemption for a period for the 3 consecutive years

Availability of funds- Fund by the government to help the start-ups;

Reduction in fees- In case of patent filing and trademark filling there is less than 50% rebate;

Self-certification and no inspection for these three consecutive years;  

Time and Money- We can save the time as well as the money.




The first requirement is that the start-up does not be older than ten years from the date of incorporation.

The start-up must be a private limited company, Registered Partnership, or LLP (Limited Liability Partnership).

From the date of incorporation in any of the cases, turnover should not be increased more than Rs. 100 crores for any of the financial years.

There is no again reconstruction in the formation of the entity either by way of separating or merging into a new entity.

Start-up Registration services provider in Indiranagar this innovation improvement has been already an existing product or process, it should also solve some existing problems in any of the separate ways along with the employment and money creation in the economy.

It is not at all compulsory to get the applicant entity for the trademark which is filled before to the application for the start-up recognition, we have the trademark has already been filled which will always help in upgrading the chances of the approval of the application from the department.

Website should be there for the applicant entity before the application process. The website must have all the information about the company, process products services, etc.

The certificate will be issued by the DPIIT in the hard copy manner by the name called a start-up recognition certificate along with the login credential of the start-up portal formed by the Government of India.




Certificate of Incorporation or LLP Certificate and PAN card of the entity;

URL Link should be there in the website for the entity;

If there is any mobile app, mobile app link is required

MSME registration number in case if entity have MSME;

Patent, Trademark or any other IPR filing number and logo (filed or registered E-mail id and phone number of the company).

Profile of the directors in a very manner and authorized representative along with its email and contact details and address.

Answer to every question like what is the problem the start-up will solve and how to solve the problem (manner of solving), what is the uniqueness of the solution and most importantly revenue generation by the help of start-ups.

No government cost is involved in the filling of this application. Only our professional cost is involved.

Innovation is the major role for the requirement of the applicant entity that he has to keep in mind. The business must be working towards innovating something new or significantly improving the existing used technology than the only one can accept the approval from the department.


How to Apply for STARTUP COMPANY REGISTRATION Services in Indiranagar?


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