Rocket League Items can be neither a hack nor a chea

Rocket League Items can be neither a hack nor a chea


The stigma for demos was still mostly negative back then. They were considered dirty, cheap, and low-level no-skill tactics. So, I embraced the stigma and the irty Plays?series was born.Eventually people started asking me how to do what I do. They wanted a tutorial. It seemed overwhelming and I resisted for a while. But the requests kept coming, so finally I bought a real editing program and over the course of 4 or 5 months put together a 3-part tutorial: ow to Play Dirty?

I guess that could be considered the point where I really decided that I wanted to perfect the demo. But not for myself, it was for others. It true I was no Grand Champion, but I also knew that I was one of the few using demolitions consistently and effectively (or at least making clips of it). I had seen my share of bad demo plays (and made a lot of them myself), so I set out to show players the RIGHT way to use them, with the emphasis that good rotation was the key to a good demo play.

It intended by the developers. It has programmed rules and conditions. Rocket League Items can be neither a hack nor a cheat. Psyonix has even specifically pointed out that demos are not reportable offenses. Like any mechanic there is a right time to use it or at least specific situations it is more viable than others. As a player, we can make up rules for the game and expect other people to abide by them. You think demos are not the egit way to win? That抯 fine, but be aware that no one else is bound by the restrictions you are imposing on yourself.