I just got NBA 2K21 and had been wondering

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I know that mt nba 2k21 feels like an Ego Trip... However I really wish there was more variation on breaking documents, doing godlike amazing things as you get really good with your character. I believe there's like 3 variations and following work and that grind. It's simply not as satisfying as it needs to be. Like let me be able to really create a competition with NBA players. They stare me down, do some hand gestures before NBA 2K21 (Thus no voice acting needed) Then commentators get heated regarding the competitiveness we have needed with our stats. Would cause me to feel.Do I Have to go to practice in MyCareer?

I just got NBA 2K21 and had been wondering if there had been any benefits to going to practice? I am just hoping to get my ovr. So I'm getting 3000 things in less than 10 minutes, I almost always get three stars. Plus the legend clinics will probably get me a badge point almost every time. I have an drive with 20 playmaking badges since it's harder to rank up playmaking with a centre as well as the clinics help. Another thing I enjoy about it is that when you are really close to getting development points or another badge update some exercises can run and find that badge upgrade straight away. To each their own.

It is a personal decision. It may help bump up badges that you are not currently getting much xp. However, if you're advancing all badges well in NBA 2K21 games I'd avoid it as you may get badge points. If you are only grinding to receive online you will need the gym badge. There was a post on this sub. 2 brothers or friends started playing season in precisely the exact same time same quarters. One was performing clinics and he and clinics had played 25 games. The guy was 55+ matches at precisely the quantity of time.

I am just talking out of my bum, so if you can find any flaws or better ideas for this, simply roast me and tell me what you think. I've more beef with MyCareer, but that is merely about the true story mode. And yes I understand that MyCareer is fairly limited to what they could do to the manner, and none of this will ever happen, but this is somewhat the Sort of content I expect for one day to make it less"repetitive and grindy"

"The Hometown Kid" love your MyPlayer"Kid".Starts out with story line of growing up in inner city Chicago. Violence and crime within the neighborhoods but it still filled with hardworking class people. You grow up playing basketball with your childhood buddy Andre Jordan"AJ". Him and you become like brothers. Both of you excel at basketball during middle school and start to really focus on it. Pressures of crime and mt for sale 2k21 drugs are current but you also AJ keep each other on the ideal path and grind.